January 12, 2020


The guy silently eating his kebab and chips is without a doubt the scariest guy in there. He doesn’t tense up, and he stays vigilant but uninvolved. This is the look of a person who knows he can end all of this if he needs to. Legit.

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January 12, 2020


o m g https://t.co/NTlDx7T8uj Link to tweet

January 7, 2020


The three H’s that I use for 1:1s:

Health”. How is your well-being? Are you doing okay mentally and physically?

Home”. How is everything outside of work? How’s life?

Happiness”. Are your needs being fulfilled? How are your projects? Are you getting the support you need? Link to tweet

December 20, 2019


Wrapping gifts got a whole lot easier with these clever ideas! https://t.co/sP4MXhpBBu Link to tweet

December 19, 2019

The JWZ test

Your use case” should be, there’s a 22 year old college student living in the dorms. How will this software get him laid?

− Jamie Zawinski

December 19, 2019