January 25, 2020


This is how science fiction from the 1980s imagined the era we’re entering now. (via @ozm) https://t.co/C1fEhPOuCm Link to tweet

January 23, 2020


Just got a recruiter email asking if I was interested in a Senior Engineer role at Venmo.

My reply:

Hi Insertnamehere

I used to be VP of Engineering at Venmo.

Kind Regards


This addresses both their lack of research and my questionable ability to perform the role. 😆 Link to tweet

January 18, 2020


Other developers: Take a break. Walk away. Go outside. Sleep on it and come back to it the next day.

Me: Sits at desk obsessing over bug until 2AM Link to tweet

January 16, 2020


January 13, 2020

The 64 Milliseconds Manifesto

In an interactive software application, any user action SHOULD result in a noticeable change within 16ms, actionable information within 32ms, and at least one full screen of content within 64ms. - Anders Pitman, The 64 Milliseconds Manifesto

January 12, 2020


I’m working on a new book, a book about blogging. I’m going to document all the things I learned in almost 2 years of blogging, into an easy to digest form. The goal is to inspire you to create blog that can really make wonders for you ☺️ Link to tweet